7 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Playing Clash Royale

In a year, Clash Royale became one of the most famous mobile games in the world. In this article, the Deconstructor of Fun’s Michail Katkoff thoroughly explains through 7 points how Supercell managed to create a game compiling fun, addictiveness and frustration, and seduced such a big community of players.

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Since the launch in early 2016 Clash Royale has been downloaded close 200 million times and the game has generated around one billion dollars in in-app purchases alone. What’s also unique about Clash Royale is that it will likely bring more revenue than Clash of Clans over time. Just compare this to all of the King’s franchise games, which tend perform dramatically worse than their predecessors.

As I’ve said before, in my opinion, Clash Royale is the best game ever made for touchscreen devices. Sure, I’ve quit and uninstalled it more times than I can count. But I’ve also installed it more times than I’ve deleted it. This post is derived out of my addiction to the game and it analyzes in details the elements that keep us hooked to this masterpiece.

  1. The Updates

Just when you think you had enough of this pocket-sized emotional rollercoaster also known as Clash Royale, they come up with a new update that introduces new cards. Cards that for sure will take you over the current trophy hump. At least that’s what you make yourself believe.

Barring the infamous Tournaments update back in July 2016, which saw Clash Royale plummet to its all-time low revenue, the bi-monthly updates of the game have ranged from good to extraordinary.

The goal of an update from the product perspective is quite simple: spend as little as possible time to increase engagement and monetization. To achieve this goal the game team analyzes both qualitative and quantitative data in addition to employing good old gut feeling. All this information is then used to create a sprint(s) that delivers additional content, new features, fixes, tweaks, and polishes to the game.

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by Michail Katkoff

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